Brand Narrative

All golfers regardless of age should play with clubs properly fitted to their height. This is especially true with beginners where using mis-fitted clubs can negatively affect a child’s swing, their results and ultimately, their enjoyment of the game.

EPEC is golf’s first and only premium-quality upgradeable clubs for kids. We made them upgradeable for two important reasons with the first being you, the parent or grandparent. Kids outgrow clubs in as little as a year and to be forced by other brands to replace entire sets in that amount of time can be expensive and worse yet, totally unnecessary. EPEC’s founders came out of golf’s most recognized adult equipment brands so we know how easy it is to re-shaft and re-weight clubs. We’re also parents who raised kids in golf and complained every single time we had to throw another perfectly good set of clubs in the corner of the garage and watch them gather dust! So we did something about it.

The second reason we made EPEC upgradeable was for the kids themselves. When more parents can afford and are willing to provide their young golfers with premium-quality fitted clubs that means more kids using clubs that give them their best chance of on-course success. This leads to more life-long golfers and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?
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